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May 2016

Astralasia release new EP featuring the brand new 'Happy Song' based around the riff of the 1960's classic 'Georgy Girl' plus 4 other tracks too!

The EP is entitled the Cheesy EP as it features five tracks of fun and uplifting music. Some are new, some are not so new.

Marc Swordfish commented - "I always like to experiment in music working on many different styles. I'd created 'Happy Song' as a bit of fun and thought this didn't quite fit in to the new albums that I am working on. However I played it to a number of people who thought it was great and said that it should be released. So I thought I'd put it on an EP and combin it with some other fun one-off tracks, hence the name - Cheesy EP".

The release date is 24th June 2016. Order your copy here.

Cheesy EP - Astralasia


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